Dealing with MS..

Prevention And Care For MS

Degeneration of the Myelin Sheath is a chronic inflammatory autoimmune process of the central nervous system that affects the brain, spinal cord and optic nerve.In this process, the immune system attacks the covering of the nerves, called the myelin sheath. Consequently, the sheaths are damaged, and the damaged areas develop scarring that leads to either distorted communication or lack of communication between the nerve endings.
myelin sheath nerves
Some 350,000 people in the United States have symptoms of myelin sheath degeneration. It affects twice as many women as men, and the onset is usually between ages of 25 and 40.

Increasing fatty foods (avocado, olives, salmon),eggs for immune, B12, Vitamin D, maintain normal work hours, bumping up your immune system, and decrease stress levels..

These heavy metals replace the normal, balanced molecules in the myelin sheath, leading to an increase in free radicals. The free radicals damage the myelin sheath, resulting in multiple sclerosis.

The hair mineral analysis also tells you which essential minerals your body is needing more of, which it needs less of, and which important mineral ratios are imbalanced due to toxic elements. For example, MS patients usually have a severe copper deficiency. Copper is an essential element in the metabolism of dopamine, which is a neurotransmitter. MS patients also tend to have elevated manganese levels. Cobalt deficiency is another factor in multiple sclerosis. The hair tissue analysis can also provide valuable insight into your metabolism and what dietary changes might be most helpful.

We suggest you do a hair analysis before you embark on any type of heavy metal cleansing or detoxification program so that you have a clear baseline to compare results with later on.

For more information on the hair tissue mineral analysis (HTMA)


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