Thai Healing

Saoyang, the Myo-fascial Meridian of the foot  in Chinese Medicine (Jing Luo Theory) is known as the Hadsarangsi/Tawari SenMeridian in Thai Traditional Medicine.
Working the sen
Nuad Thai bodywork is about reducing trigger points located along muscle and tendons lignes .
Nuad Thai acting by pressure on the Sen, has a direct impact on blood circulationn  which provides muscular fibers with more life and oxygene.
The toxic traces located in tendinous attachments are drained out by a succession of blood showers. Muscles envelops ( fascias) are manipulated in many ways so that they recover their initial motility, and improve overall flexibility.
As Sen are also associated with energetic meridians,  well adjusted pressures on them have favorable reflex effect, not only on muscles but also on bones, organs and  health in general.

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