Nuad Boran


Thai health principles
Two principles can explain how Nuad Boran work from the point of view of Thai Traditional Medicine:
Tard Human body is composed of 4 elements. Earth, Water, Fire and Wind.  Tard is the specific sett how elements are organised in a person. When the 4 elements are in harmony, health is obtained. Whenever the 4 elements are unbalanced, disease may occur. 
Lhompran : Litteraly  « Life’s wind. » Mot formé par la syllabe thaïe Lhom, ancient Thai word Lhom, means wind . Pran, from sanscrit  Prana , means “vital force” , concept close to Gree Pneuma and more to the Chinese Qi . The Main fonction of Lhompran is to harmonise the Tard
Nuad Boran Thai, working on myo-fascial lignes named Sen, by enabling a better Lhompran circulation, facilitates and stimulates homeostatiic fonction of the body.

Nuad Boran Thaï
Nuad Boran is a Traditional Medicine practice acknowledged by the World Health Organisation Evaluation Commitee of Traditional and Alternative Medicines. 
« Nuad » means « pressure »,
« Boran » means « ancient  ».
Nuad Thai’s original aim is to care of pains and diseases related to chronical myio-fascial tensions and to reduce them. As,Nuad Boran prevents the aging of muscular lines, it prevent the worsening of the general condition of the patient. Thefore, it is now widely spread  in the Thai Health System, in Health dispensaries and public Hospitals all over Thailand.
Dr. Pennapa Subsharoen, former President of the Department of Taditional and Alternative Medicine of the Ministry of Public Health  of Thailand wrote:
Nuad Boran Thai mainly consits of: 
« Feel muscles all along disturbed myo-fascial lines and cure them by the means of variable pressure that re-establish harmony.

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