The practice of meditation is very precise .
It has to be on the dot. Right on the dot.

It is quite hard work, but if you remember the importance of your posture that will allow you to synchronize your mind and body .

If you don’t have good posture, your practice will be like a lame horse trying to pull a cart .

It will neither never work .

so first you sit down and assume your posture  , then you work with your breath to go out and come back to your posture. 

When thoughts arise , you label them “thinking” and come back to your posture, back to your breath.

You have mind working with breath, but you always maintain body as a reference point .

You’re not working with your mind alone.

You’re working with your mind and your body, and when the two work together , you never leave reality.

Shambhala , The Sacred PATH of the Warrior

by ChogyamTrungpa


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