The Doshas impact us on two primary levels 

First,they are the factors that produce the physical body and are responsible for its substance and its function

 Out tissues are mainly Kapha or watery in nature .

The digestive system is mainly Pitta or fire

 The nervous system is mainly Vata or wind 

Second, one of the three doshas predominates in each individual and becomes the basic determinants of his or her particular Constitution for mind body type 

Our biological existence is a dance of the three doshas of Vata, Pitta, and kapha 

Life is a multicolored tapestry of their movement in various plays of balance and imbalance, coming together and going apart 

These three powers color and determine our conditions of our growth and aging health and disease

In the practice of yoga, both levels of the doshes are important

 They allow us to gauge the effects of a yoga practice on the both gross and subtle bodies

 The Doshas provide keys if you will to the nadis and chakras of the subtle body 

Similarly the doshas help us understand how the mind functions as well as its connection to the soul, which follows the same energies as the body at a deeper level


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