The Tao

Let the TAO be present in your life and you will become genuine  Let it be present in your family and your family will flourish  Let it be present in your country and your country will be an example to all countries in the world  Let it be present in the universe and the universe…


Akasha will have Holiday gifts available  NOVEMBER thru JANUARY  35$/ hour You may purchase as many as you wish  For your loved ones.  Once Purchased, your friends have 3 months to use. This is not for every day purchase. This is a gift of giving from Akasha during the Winter Holidays to your Loved One’s…


When one acts with compassion they will never go wrong


The Doshas impact us on two primary levels  First,they are the factors that produce the physical body and are responsible for its substance and its function  Out tissues are mainly Kapha or watery in nature . The digestive system is mainly Pitta or fire  The nervous system is mainly Vata or wind  Second, one of…

One’s Country 

center your country in the TAO and your country will have no Evil  Tao te ching 


It is better to feel pain and liberate  Then to feel nothing at all May you do your best with your karma With each individual in your life  LEAVE An imprint of your love Don’t leave a single rock unturned  So when you are older A Grandmother. Grandfather  There is peace and That you truly…


Appreciate yourself and honor your soul