Thai Yoga Bodywork

Thai Yoga Therapy incorporates palm pressing, thumb pressing sen lines, rhythmic movement, yoga therapy, breathing, traction,and meditation to heal. Thai is therapeutic, relaxing, and gives amazing deep tissue release for holding patterns.

Traditional Thai  Yoga Massage can look back at a long history of Therapeutic Healing.  Some common conditions of the human body that are relieved by Thai Yoga Massage  are back and neck pain,stress, inflammatory conditions, whip lash, cold, allergy, arthritis, headache, pre and post surgery care, congestion, and fever.


Looking for Deep Tissue, Relaxation, Traction, Therapeutic bodywork, Acupressure point therapy, Pre/ Post Surgery care, Decreasing Stress/ Anxiety,  Help with Pathology?

IMG_1537Thai Yoga Bodywork does all of this. I observe your imbalances when you come in and observe what you need with the Sen lines, acupoints, marma points (from Ayurveda),  yoga postures, and unite it together for your own personal prescription. I delve as much into Ayurvedic principles with Thai Yoga massage as possible to eliminate physical derangement.  I have given many types of bodywork to the community at large, and I have found that Thai Yoga massage is the most rewarding , healing, and therapeutic work.

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